Edison Triumph Cylinder Banner model “A” Phonograph

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24"l x 18"w x 18"h
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Edison Banner “A” Triumph Cylinder Phonograph

This exceptional early Edison model “A” Banner case phonograph is a rare find, exuding authenticity with all its original parts and an enchanting dealer tag from “Sam’l Shroff, Sioux City, Iowa.” The phonograph features its original case finish, and the upper motor retains its initial paint and decals. Manufactured between 1901 and 1906, Edison himself once lauded this historical artifact for its impressive capability to play “16” cylinders on a single winding. Although its performance after over a century remains uncertain, it likely retains its remarkable sound quality. It comes with a model “C” reproducer, crank, and a striking 14-inch brass horn, along with an intact shaving attachment. The motor runs smoothly, producing a remarkably soft sound. The pristine condition of this phonograph reflects the careful preservation it has undergone over the years. For any questions, please feel free to reach out.
**Shipping… Due to its weight, the phonograph will be shipped in two (2) boxes to ensure safety and minimize potential damage during transit.

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