About Us

Thank you for taking the time to look at all of our great rare items listed on our site.  Antique items, especially old big-horn phonographs and watches have been a passion of mine for years!  During that time, I became a serious collector and I wanted to share some of these great finds with folks like you!

Here on our site, we strive to bring you the best that we can locate.  These items are antiques and so they have a few imperfections from over the years. 

Most of our items are a hundred years of age and older.  All are in working condition unless mentioned.  Some of these items have been professionally and tastefully restored to their former glory.  Unfortunately, not all of these machines were in perfect condition when they were discovered.  And so, some restoration work was done.  Of course, there are those machines that are in original condition and no restoration work was needed.  All items have been thoroughly checked and or reworked to be sure that they function properly.

For the novice buyer, we want to set your mind at ease.  Any questions regarding any of our products always feel free to ask!  These items can be a large investment, but we always want you to feel comfortable with any investment you make with us.  These are timeless items which will be an heirloom for your family and future generations.

Shipping on all of our items will be done professionally and with the most care: carefully wrapped and double boxed if necessary in order that it arrives to your door safely.  Please contact us for more shipping details.

We believe in only honest and fair dealings with all of our merchandise.  Not only do we want to earn your repeat business, but your friendship as well!

John Cleveland
4-4 Time LLC
Florence, Alabama