Columbia Gramophone model “AT” Cylinder Player

18"l x 18"w x 24"h
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Nice Columbia Gramophone model “AT” Cylinder Player! The Columbia AT model proceeded the Columbia A. This machine has the last patient date of 1898. This is a beautiful AT model which is harder to locate than the A. It had several improvements over the “A” which made it stand out. There were three versions of this model, this one being the first version with the rarer, harder to locate plain case. The “AT” model had one primary upgrade, which was the more decorative case. Few of the earlier ones had the plain case like the “A” and are harder to locate these days, this happens to be one of them!

This is a super clean, well playing machine. The movement has been totally rebuilt and plays great! It has fantastic eye appeal! Been totally restored and ready for your enjoyment for the next 100+ years! No rust or wear through on the nickel bedplate whatsoever. Comes complete with a reproduction brass and black horn. Will look great in your collection and ready to enjoy!  Fantastic well sought-after phonograph! If you are looking for an excellent example of a first version of the “AT”, don’t pass this deal up! Might not ever see another one.  Any questions, feel free to ask! Thanks for looking!

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