Columbia “BS model” Coin Operated Cylinder Graphophone

22"l x 22"w x 20"h
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Columbia “BS model” Coin Operated Cylinder Graphophone


The 1898 Columbia BS coin-operated cylinder graphophone is a remarkable piece of history. Produced by Columbia, these devices were commonly found in retail spaces, playing music for a mere nickel. Despite its straightforward design, it was a highly successful and beloved product among Columbia’s clientele. The specific BS model in question is in outstanding condition, retaining all its original components. Although these machines often lack the horn and signboard, they may have been replaced on this particular unit. Nonetheless, this phonograph stands as an exemplary specimen. It is a meticulously preserved and immaculate device that shows little to no wear from overuse throughout the years. Having undergone both mechanical and cosmetic restoration, its internal mechanisms are spotless, with no rust or evidence of nickel wear. The casing is also in superb shape, showcasing the original curved glass and devoid of any damage. For further inspection, please see the provided photographs. This unique piece would be a charming acquisition for any collector or an eye-catching decorative item in a residential or commercial space. Should you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out.


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