Illinois Bunn Special 23 jewel 60 Hour Railroad Pocket Watch


Illinois Bunn Special 23 jewel, 60 hour Railroad watch. Green gold “Bunn Special” Case!

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Beautiful Illinois Bunn Special 23 jewel, 60 hour Railroad watch. Top of the line made by Illinois! This is an excellent example. This is a well running watch and keeping good time. I would recommend servicing before everyday use.  Bright, clean, crisp movement, free of any blemishes, rust and scratch marks. This watch as a beautiful 10k green gold filled Illinois “Bunn Special” case that is in good condition. It does have a slight ring of brass that wants to come through, but is hardly noticeable. There is an engraving on the back lid as well. The dial is a beautiful double sunk Illinois dial marked “Illinois Bunn Special, 23 jewels 60 hour”. This dial is in good condition. It has a minor repair by the 12 hour marker, but doesn’t take away from the appearance. Beautiful watch at a great value! Any questions, feel free to ask!

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