Illinois Bunn Special 23 jewel 60 Hour Railroad Pocket Watch with 23/60/Montgomery dial

7"l x 7"w x 6"h
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Beautiful Illinois Bunn Special 23 jewel, 60 hour Railroad watch. Top of the line made by Illinois! This is an excellent example. This is a well running watch! Just professionally overhauled and running fantastic!  Bright, clean, crisp movement, free of any blemishes, rust and scratch marks. This is a variant 3 watch, last in the series of the 23j, 60HR watches. This particular watch was made in 1928. This watch as a beautiful 10k yellow gold filled Keystone “Mainliner” case that is in excellent condition. Looks like it never was carried much if any. No wear that I can see period on the case. The case looks like new! The dial is a beautiful double sunk Illinois Montgomery dial marked “Illinois Bunn Special, 23 jewels 60 hour” (Montgomery Dial). This dial is in good condition. It has a couple of minor repairs. one small one is located by the 4 o’clock marker and the other minor repair is by the 38, 39 minute markers. Beautiful watch at a great value! Any questions, feel free to ask!

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