Edison Opera Phonograph RARER Oak Case!

18"l x 18"w x 24"h
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Edison Opera in RARER Oak 

The Opera is often regarded as the pinnacle of cylinder phonographs, known as the “Rolls Royce” in its field. It was available in oak and mahogany cabinets, featuring a cygnet horn. This Edison Opera is the much scarcer oak version; a mere 10% were made in oak, with the rest in mahogany. The Opera’s design is unique: instead of a fixed cylinder with a moving reproducer, it boasts a moving mandrel that shifts the cylinder beneath a stationary reproducer. The Opera stands as Edison’s most advanced outside horn cylinder phonograph, with a quieter mechanism than any previous Edison models. This machine has been meticulously restored to ensure it is correct and functioning well. We ensure our machines are restored for your enjoyment, with every detail addressed. This oak Opera is an exceptional discovery, given its rarity. High-end models like this were produced in limited quantities compared to the standard Edison model. This particular Opera appears all original and well cared for over the years. It has been faithfully restored to its original specifications, with new springs and a thorough mechanical overhaul. The workings are bright, clean, and crisp, as depicted in the photos. It comes with the original oak lid, which fits properly. For more details, please examine the photos, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions. Thank you for your interest!


Due to the large size and weight of this machine, pick-up is the preferred method. It is advisable to opt for pick-up to minimize potential damage during shipping and to save you on shipping costs. If you are located nearby, please contact me prior to making a decision. Should you opt for shipping, the machine will be dispatched in three separate boxes to mitigate the risk of damage. Items will be double boxed as needed to help guarantee safe arrival. Given its dimensions and size please allow additional time for packing and shipping.

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