Edison 4 minute Cylinder…”The Darktown Strutters Ball”

7"l x 7"w x 6"h


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Edison 4 minute Cylinder…“The Darktown Strutters Ball”. The cylinder is in very good condition. It is blue in color.  Beautiful Song! It comes complete with an original cardboard tube. The Edison cylinder number is # 3476 and the artist performing the song is: “Premier Quartet”. Actual photo of the cylinder being sold. Fantastic condition! RARE and hard to come across! Very popular song by Shelton Brooks. published in 1917. The song has been recorded several times and is considered a jazz standard.  Any questions. feel free to ask!


Hear it now: https://cylinders.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/5000/5686/cusb-cyl5686d.mp3

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