Edison 4 minute Cylinder…”Annie Laurie”


Edison Blue Amberol Cylinder…Annie Laurie”

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Edison 4 minute Cylinder…“Annie Laurie / Home Sweet Home”. The Cylinder is in good condition. It comes complete with the cardboard tube but might not be the correct tube. It is some protection for the cylinder. The Edison cylinder number is # 1760 and the artist performing the song is: “Burckhardt”.  Purchased a large number of these cylinders and they are all very similar in appearance, thus decided to use a “stock” photo that is similar to what each looks like, unless totally different. Any questions. feel free to ask


Hear the recording now! Beautiful Recording! https://cylinders.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/0000/0776/cusb-cyl0776d.mp3

courtesy of UCSB cylinder Archives

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