Early Edison Home (Green) Longcase Phonograph

18"l x 18"w x 24"h
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Early Edison Home (Green) Longcase Phonograph. Beautiful! Totally restored early Edison Longcase home. The last patient date on this machine was 1898.  This machine comes with the shaver still intact, original winged model “C” reproducer as well as an upgrade later on around 1910 with the 2/4-minute gearing added on to stay up with technology at the time in order to play the 4-minute records as well as the 2-minute ones. This is the “Long case” model. It’s a little longer than the regular home as well as the case being of green oak, thus giving the green tint. Beautifully playing machine and restored back to its former glory! It has fantastic appearance and would look great on display or in your collection. Machines of this quality don’t last long! be sure to check out the pictures for more detail. Also included is a 14-inch black and brass horn. We just added some nice horns that would be a great upgrade to this fabulous machine! Be sure to check out our excellent selection of cylinders! Always adding different titles! Any questions, feel free to ask!

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