Columbia AO Cylinder Graphophone

24"l x 18"w x 18"h
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Columbia AO Cylinder Graphophone 


Initially introduced in 1903, the “New Style Columbia” model boasted improved sound, reduced noise, and a stronger motor. Columbia further refined the “AO” model, presenting it as the second style gramophone to its customers, featuring modifications to the motor frame and a refreshed serpentine-style case design. Equipped with a three-spring motor, it was marketed to play eight records on a full wind. This particular machine includes a rare partial shaving attachment. It is encased in a splendid oak finish, free of any blemishes, as is the rest of the gramophone. The motor and workings are equally impressive. The gramophone has undergone a complete mechanical restoration, including the case, bedplate, and upper works, resulting in an appearance that rivals or surpasses its original condition. If you’re seeking an exquisite piece for your home or office, this gramophone is an excellent choice. Satisfaction is assured, complete with a nickel horn. Should you have any questions, please feel free to inquire.


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