16 size Santa Fe Special 21 Jewel Pocket Watch… Excellent!!


Totally gorgeous hunting case “Illinois Santa Fe“21 jewel, well running pocket watch!

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Totally gorgeous hunting case “Illinois Santa Fe”21 jewel, well running pocket watch! I never have ran across a Santa Fe hunting case this nice before! There were a lot less of the hunting case models ever produced than the open face ones. This case… Only word that comes to mind is, WOW! It is housed in a 20 year yellow GOLD filled case that is absolutely stunning! Looks like it just like *BRAND NEW*!!You won’t find a nicer case period! Super nice watch! Just been recently overhauled and running well! New crystal, and the double sunk Montgomery dial looks great except for one hairline that I see around the 17 minute mark. It has the matching original hands as well. The front lid opens to approximately 90 degrees as it is supposed to. No wear through what so ever on this case! Perfect! Any questions, feel free to ask!

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