Partial Kalamazoo Duplex Ready for completion

SKU: ODP020c
24"l x 18"w x 18"h


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Partial Kalamazoo Duplex Ready for completion… This machine was purchased several years ago as a barn find. It was literally falling apart from the years. The case has been restored as well as the motor (Original Duplex Motor!) has been professionally rebuilt. This machine has what appears to be the serial number #7361. It has the original turntable and hardware that is attached to the machine but were re nickeled. All that is needed to complete the machine is some horns, crank, reproducer and horn supports. Fantastic high dollar phonograph where all the hard work is done. Finish it up and you will have a well sought-after phonograph worth thousands of dollars! (This is sold as an incomplete machine; other parts are needed to finish it) Look at the pictures for more detail. Any questions, feel free to ask!

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