Kalamazoo Duplex Phonograph


Beautiful, RARE… “Kalamazoo Duplex Phonograph”.

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Beautiful, RARE… “Kalamazoo Duplex Phonograph”… NEW PRICE! This is one of those phonographs that you don’t run across everyday! They are pretty scarce, even scarcer all together! This is a great example that I have here. It’s all original except the reproducer and the support arms. I never liked to use reproduction parts, but sometimes it is your only option. This machine is all complete. The case is all original with the original finish. Original motor just as found. I never had it rebuilt but it still winds and functions. The reproducer is an exact copy made by a master craftsman. The horns are original, but have been recovered with black cloth like the original “Shebly & Hawthorne” originals. Shipping is high on this machine due to the size of the horns. Pick up is always preferred if possible. Feel free to contact me about any questions! Thanks for looking!


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Dimensions 24 × 18 × 18 in

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