Edison Fireside B Phonograph with Cygnet Horn



Just in this weekend! Totally restored Edison “Fireside” Model B phonograph! Plays as well as it looks. We spared no expense getting this machine back to the days of it’s former glory! Mechanics have totally been gone through as well as any repairs to the outside of this machine and case. Looks and plays as well as it did 100+ years ago! This machine comes with the metal cygnet horn which was designed to take up less space without any compromise to the music quality! It cost a little more than a plain 14 in “Witches ” type horn , but dressier. This is the “B” model that had the “Diamond B” reproducer that had a much better quality of sound reproduction. The Model “B” fireside is a four (4) minute player only. It plays the Edison Blue Amberol cylinder records. If you are interested in just the machine without the cygnet horn, contact us and we can replace it with a 14 inch horn for a much cheaper price. Call or email to acquire about it. Any questions about this player or any other items, Feel free to ask!


Pick up is always the best option, but if you can’t shipping is no problem! Shipping was figured up as a bulk rate. We take care in shipping our products with the best care possible. We would ship this in two (2) boxes. Machine in one and horn and crane in another. Contact us for more details!

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