Edison Concert Phonograph with Polyphone Attachment

SKU: OCP076c
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Edison Concert Phonograph with RARE Polyphone attachment

This is an extraordinary discovery! Presenting the Edison Concert Phonograph accompanied by the exceptionally rare Polyphone attachment. The authenticity of this attachment is evident in the accompanying pictures. Meticulously restored by the skilled hands of Paul Baker, the mechanical components of this phonograph operate flawlessly, producing a delightful sound. Its external appearance is impeccable, ensuring a remarkable visual display. Included with this phonograph are two 24-inch horns, as originally intended. Should you desire larger horns, they can be effortlessly incorporated. The case lid is intact and harmonizes perfectly with the bottom case. Although the case has been drilled for a cygnet bracket at some point, this does not detract from its overall appeal. Please do not hesitate to inquire should you have any questions. Pricing details can be obtained by contacting us directly, and we kindly request serious inquiries only. Rest assured, this remarkable piece will undoubtedly become the focal point of any collection.

***Call for pricing,  serious inquiries only, please.

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